3 Tips when buying used car engines for sale

Need to find used car engines for sale?

With more than 30 years of experience in delivering quality engines, these are our three tips for you to use when buying used car engines for sale in the UK.

Firstly, the friendly team at Car Engines UK can help with any queries you may have about replacement engines to bring peace of mind and the engines are tested and come with a warranty.

We also deliver used engines around the UK and also supply garages and mechanics, so they can carry out engine replacement work quickly and effectively at trade prices.

Used engine for sale in the UK

So, those top tips for you to use when buying a used engine for sale in the UK are:

  • Do your research: You will need your vehicle registration and the VIN number to hand plus the engine code. This will help make the process easier for the Car Engines UK team to source and then supply a suitable replacement engine.
  • Ask for the engine’s mileage: You should always try to find a replacement engine that has a low mileage wherever possible. That’s because the engine will have less wear and tear so you will be getting an engine that offers better reliability than an engine with a higher mileage.
  • Ask pertinent questions: You should ask pertinent questions when it comes to replacing your car engine because there may be other parts that are needed. You want to ensure that any engine swap is stress free and simple so if you need to order extra parts for this to take place, then do so.

Finally, you should always ensure that your used engine has a warranty and if the supplier refuses to offer one, then refuse to buy from them.

Buying a scrap engine for your car

There are various advantages for buying a scrap engine for your car or van and they include:

Saving money: A used car engine will be at least 50% cheaper than having to buy a new engine, and in some cases the engine could be up to 90% cheaper. That’s worth considering.

Help the environment: By choosing to buy a used engine you are investing in a quality used product and preventing unnecessary waste from not having to produce a new engine. By recycling car or van engines, you are helping recyclers do their duty in preventing waste going to landfill.

And, as mentioned, the reliability of a quality used car engine is an important consideration, since it has been tried and tested and you should not be disappointed with your purchase.

If you would like more help and advice when it comes to buying used car engines for sale in the UK, then you should speak with the friendly team of experts at Car Engines UK on (01204) 388488 today.

Need to find used car engines for sale?
For those needing used car engines for sale, then Car Engines UK is for you.