The beating heart of all vehicles is the engine and here we explain how to buy a replacement car engine for meeting your needs – and what to look for.

Like every other car part, quality used engines can be bought from suppliers but there are some issues you’ll need to consider when searching for a replacement second hand engine.

The type of replacement engine you need

The first question is to appreciate which type of used car engine you need for it to be compatible.

It should go without saying that car engines are not usually interchangeable, but there are some instances where crossovers do exist – for example, the same engine could be used in different models that have been made by the same car manufacturer.

However, the time of the engine manufacture could be crucial since most modern engines have more features than earlier versions, and this makes them more complicated to deal with.

Do you need a long or short block?

If you’ve never had to buy a car engine previously, then one important consideration is knowing whether your compatible engine is going to be a short or long block.

These two variations can be found what appears to be the same engine, so this could be an important issue to address. To help explain:

  • A long block engine: This will include all of the engine parts, including the cylinder heads, valves, camshaft, valve springs as well as the head gasket. The long block engine is easier and quicker to install and is a suitable replacement should your engine no longer work.
  • A short block engine: If your full engine does not need to be replaced, then you’ll be looking for a short block engine because you will be using part of it. Consequently, short block engines tend to be much cheaper.

Which parts of an engine need replacing

Having mentioned that some parts of your engine will need to be replaced, hence you or your garage will need a short block engine, is down to the fact that some parts endure more wear and tear. These will include:

  • The piston
  • The piston rings
  • Engine valves
  • Crankshaft
  • The connecting rod
  • Oil sump.

For your vehicle to have an engine that works, every single item mentioned here will need to work perfectly.

This means that you really should check whether an individual part has failed in your engine before you have to invest and replace the entire unit.

It may help to read the Car Engines UK advice on ‘What does a car engine do?’ to learn more about the function of the car engine in your vehicle.

For more help and advice on how to buy a replacement car engine from a reputable supplier, then you need to speak with the team at Car Engines UK on (01204) 388488 or use our online form to find the engine quality used car engine for the make and model of your vehicle.

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